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Nflight Catering Management

NCM Mission Statement: is "To make ordering inflight catering anywhere else unacceptable for consumers who value quality products, convenience, quality & service."

Summer  Citrus Cucumber Salad / SNA

Why Us.

Our colleagues and partners are forward-thinkers working together to craft compelling menu items that make sense on a flight.  Our team oversees a structured but adaptable process to ensure your catering gets delivered correctly and on-time.

Pan-Seared Salmon Entree / SEA


We define the roadmap and set reasonable goals to have the menu prepared and delivered seamlessly. We adapt and evolve with each unique situation we encounter which allows us to grow as the industry’s needs shift.


You First.

Our team works diligently to understand your needs, to build a positive working relationship with you and your team, and to deliver superior results.


A professional alternative to the national order takers, we are here to bring industry stability and trust back into the catering segment while making some lifelong friends along the way.

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